Part 1:

So there are a lot of different Agencies populating my universe.  From the ones on Earth back before the War, to those fighting the Cen, to the ones scrambling to put the pieces back together afterward.  And then you have the Interworld agencies.  They’re a whole different ballgame altogether.

Earth Prime:

When they first got wind of the effects of Loki’s Sin, mortal and immortal alike scrambled to hold things together.  People were dying like flies, and many of the ones who survived were being changed.  Into superhumans, if they were lucky. Into other things if they weren’t.

From goblins to trolls, the powers-that-be had their hands full.  It was then, with the aid of eccentric billionaire Deryk Shea, they managed to cobble together an agency to police this sort of thing.  Well, a few agencies, really.  You had LEOPARD, which was made up of the law enforcement officers of the Preternatural Action Response Division.  And you had MAD, or the Magical Activities Division.  Both were under the authority of the newly commissioned Paranormal Affairs Commission.

Other nation-states had their own responses, of course, some of them not so… progressive as had the United States.  Superheroes were old hat to Americans.  We invented the breed, they said.

The leadership of and MAD passed between the hands of Raven and Amanda Keening-Grey half a dozen times, while her husband Ben did the same with the leadership of LEOPARD.

Athena took over the PAC when it was thought that Deryk Shea had died, and, as he saw it, ran it into the ground in a futile effort to chase down one of their greatest assets.  It was probably this, which she clearly saw as a betrayal, that eventually led her to leave Earth for Starhaven on Artificer’s heels.

Likely Deryk Shea didn’t care for losing both a valued employee–however misguided–and his best research scientist.

It was initially the children of Ben Dalmas and Amanda Keening-Grey that interrupted the first attack of the Cen War and gave them all precious warning to save the west coast from the nuclear attacks.  The east coast wasn’t so fortunate.  Some politicians had grown so fearful of preternaturals and paranormals that they’d all but chased them off the east coast, out of the bible belt, and all the way up against the Pacific Ocean.

The Cen nukes destroyed the east coast even as they gated through into the center of the country.  They’d apparently planned on waiting out the radiation and claiming the country sea to glowing sea.  They’d apparently been very displeased to find magic afoot and had devised a final solution.  Which magic foiled.

At this point all other agencies dissolved into the Earth Defense Force.  Which was basically anyone with a weapon or a power willing to take the fight to the Cen and their hybrids.

Agencies: Part 1 (Infinity Earth)


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