Tangled Tokens

So my 9th novel is now complete and in the middle of the editing process.  The book, entitled “Tangled Tokens,” will be the first of the series I’m calling “The Adjusters.”  It will tell the story of the rebuilding of civilization after the Cen War, through the eyes of a number of Deryk Shea’s Adjuster’s Office agents.

The first book begins in Spring of 2050, 30 years after the war began, less than 6 months since it’s ended.

So here are artistic renderings of several of the characters in the book, courtesy of the Heromachine at Heromachine.com.  Where even a half-ass artist can put something together.


4 thoughts on “Tangled Tokens

  1. Decently done and looking forward to reading this one. Does this mean the anthology book will take place after this trilogy?

  2. muckahead says:

    Can’t wait.

    ~Charles Rhodes

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