Beyond the Reunification Wars

I’ve been thinking about my novels going forward, after this three book series telling the story of how the former United States was reunited into one nation. There’s so much more to tell

Between Loki’s Sin and the Cen War, the population of the United States was reduced to nearly a tenth of what it once been. Forty Million souls in what used to be the US, give or take a few million.

If similar casualty rates existed up north, Canada might now be the home of less than three million people. Mexico perhaps twelve million. It will be much easier to simply merge with the nation state that was once the United States rather than try to go it alone with so much unused land and so few people to manage it.

The other areas around the world will have their own stories, from before, during, and after the Cen War. The British Isles will probably suffer the least from the Cen, though it’s hard to say how hard Loki’s Sin might have hit them. “Loki’s Sin” is the collective name for the viruses he created, the ones intended to create superhuman beings and to return humanity’s original ability for magic, stolen from us by the Cen’s own nanoviruses through what we thought were simply ordinary human plagues.

The unintended consequence was that the viruses killed millions. Tens of millions. Hundreds of millions. The virus wreaked massive changes to their bodies, often to the cellular level, all too many folks simply weren’t strong enough to take it.

Some humans were immune, or survived without being changed. Not all humanity has been altered, but enough of it that old divisions no longer held as much weight. Why worry about the color of one neighbor’s skin when the other one was ten feet tall and built like a rhinoceros?.

So the world is full of freaks now. Some of them you can tell simply by looking at them. Others are freaks under the skin.

Now as far as the rest of the world goes, I’ve done a bit of a breakdown with regards to regions that probably saw their own specific Cen command centers, likely all commanded by a single Cen agent who might or might not have been one of the Cen itself.

I imagine all of these places will have heroes that rise, and villains to defeat, quite aside from dealing with the threat the Cen armies and now their leaderless, abandoned soldiers, might represent.

It’s a big tapestry, considering all the different possible regions upon which one might focus.

North America (I’m pretty much covering that in this series).
Central America
South America
Great Britain/British Isles/Ireland
Mainland Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria
Scandinavia: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland
Eastern Europe Czech Republic, Bosnia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine
Asia Major: Russia, Tibet, Mongolia, China
Asia Minor: Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, N. Korea, S. Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Japan, Taiwan
Asia Subcontinent: India, Nepal, Burma
Middle East:
Africa North
Africa Central
Africa South

(Or we could vary it by east and west coasts, plus south and central regions).

I’ve got a few ideas. I’ve been seriously considering have one of the ancient dragons arise and claim rulership of China. Magic using, powerful enough to defeat whole armies… I wonder what the survivors would do?

Oddly enough I expect the Japanese to come through it mostly unscathed, at least physically. First of all, they’re likely to be hit less severely by the viruses, since a certain asexuality had been a growing trend among the young. Many of those hit by Loki’s Sin would have been older, since his nanoviruses had been designed to be transmitted sexually. Maybe Japan’s heroes are middle aged rather than youthful.

In Russia would the oligarchs have their own “heroes?” Superhumans corrupted by wealth, who live to protect the powerful?

Places like Mongolia and Tibet might wrest themselves free of China. Maybe separatists all over the world see the chance to act, with superhuman soldiers, mages, and monsters fighting alongside.

I’m getting dizzy just thinking about it. It could be a LOT of fun, but I think it would be even more fun to collaborate with other imaginative writers.


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