“A monster isn’t in what we are, it’s in who we are.  And it’s a choice.  And our choice, as Adjuster’s Office agents, is to protect the people from the monsters.”

Kate Corvus

“You beat the enemy by outhinking him, not out-punching him.  Of course, that thinking is best done long before punches fly, because  by then it’s too late.”

Deryk Shea

“Anything will fall down if you hit it hard enough.”

Talia Graves.

“Humans really haven’t changed all that much in twenty thousand years.  They have better tools, but the people using them really aren’t all that different.  Suspicious, superstitious, and deceptive, often times when it serves them least.”

Dai Shao

“When you climb out of hell sometimes you bring a little of it back with you.”

Artemis Jones

“Speed’s helpful, but it won’t help much if your timing sucks.”

Finnegan Crow


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