Equipment Continued: The Personal Communication Device.

PCD   First invented in the early 21st Century, they most resemble our own smartphones—except PCDs are wearable.  People of Earth Prime just preferred to wear a large bracer on one arm (or, in some cases, on both).  Early users needed either a wireless headset or a draw cable headset.

 These PCDs were used for navigation, communication, record keeping, and reading their version of the internet.

23rd Century PCDs, on the other hand, are so much more.  It is said that it takes moments to learn how to use one, but a lifetime to master.  It has the communication function, enabled instantaneous multi-reality connections between agents in the field and home base, as well as filtered channels for other agencies as well.  Transmissions are tracked and backup can be alerted instantly.


Scanner function enables a 300 meter area in which the device can read life signs from everything in the area.  Temperature, pulse-rate, rate of movement, size, mass, and, often, potential threat levels.


Databases extend through the operational Starhaven archives, with the knowledge of five worlds within easy access.  Look up any piece of information necessary to do one’s job within minutes.


Panic in the Disco Ball:  If the panic function is activated, the wearer and anyone s/he’s touching is surrounded by a force bubble of immense strength, which can last between ten minutes to an hour depending on how much of a beating it’s taking.  At the same time it shoots out scintillating bolts of light, including infrared and ultraviolet.  It is said to be particularly dangerous for a vampire on the outside of one.


This also calls for backup.  A second squad will be dispatched to the wearer’s location within 10 minutes.  Arrival times are not guaranteed.


The last function, the least used, is the dreaded Gate Home.  It’s… humiliating.  But every agent who’ve ever needed to has used it.  It usually doesn’t help your next promotion come any faster, as it happens.

 PCDs are durable enough to be used as a shield, if necessary.  More than one agent has owed their life to the agency leash strapped around their wrists.