The Infinity Soundtrack Part 1

What music informed the stories of Infinity?  Which beats thumped against my ear, what strains of violin, guitar, and synth wormed their way into my psyche as the words spilled upon the page?

It is not easy as that.  Music also informed my imagery.  Songs spoke to scenes separately, and often I would track down a song to remind me of what I was trying to paint with my prose.  I can draw upon scenes in my mind, and say “this is the music that spawned this fight, or scrawled this image across mind.”

Other music simply set a mood.  Allowing me to settle into the groove of writing.  Discovering Nightwish’s Dark Passion Play helped me in that regard.

Loki and Renee’s Song

Song of the Wolf

Raven’s Song

Nyx and Jaz

Then there’s the official unofficial Infinity game theme song.  This is a cover version by a band I’m going to share another song from…

And then the Immortal’s Lament

The eve of the Cen War, as Ben Dalmas and Amanda look out over a burning city.