Equipment Part 1: The Symsuit. The Interworld Agent’s Best Friend



Ah, the Symsuit.  Let me come right out and say that I got the initial idea for the sym from a certain web-based character’s ebon and white symbiotic accessory.  Living armor, created for the express purpose of keeping its host alive.  Fiendish survival instincts, with preternatural and reality-bending gifts.  Syms are of mysterious origin, said to have been the creation of some hive mind entity in repayment for a favor done by someone in the distant past.  They will give no other details.

Besides protecting the wearer from kinetic energy like armor, symsuits confer regenerative abilities and resistances to electricity, poison, radiation, and, in a pinch, even in toxic atmospheres and space itself.  Though even a sym would be unable to maintain itself in space for more than a few hours.  If its powers were insufficient to rescue them, they would both die.

Vampires cannot wear syms.  As a general rule.  There is one exception, and that’s because the vampire Rio, herself a brilliant biochemist and virologist found a way to gain vampiric abilities without actually being dead.

Syms come with paranormal or magical abilities, though technically they’re actually higher on the power scale than magic, nearly on a par with vampiric powers.  In a head to head battle, it might be more the individual than the strength of the power should they come into conflict.

Examples of symsuit powers include stretching, invisibility, teleportation, force webs, flights, shapeshifting (with conservation of mass requirements—though it’s known for some to draw and shed mass from nearby structures or even the earth itself.  Biomass dumps are… disgusting.

The largest transfer of mass ever witnessed is that performed by dragons and dragonfriends wearing their particular brand of symsuit.  Some dragon armors can allow transformation into any dragon.  Others are far more limited.  All of them give some measure of draconic powers.

Artificer of Magitech can now grow symsuits, but that requires that a person be able to access Starhaven and the shops therein.

It doesn’t make the average agent the equal of an immortal being, but it gives a team of them a fighting chance against one.  And that can make all the difference in the world.