I’ve long wanted to find a way to create a visual representation of several of my characters, but I’m no artist and I can’t quite swing a commission with any of the talented artists I know.  But as I’m putting together the blog in its fullness it was really starting to bug me that I had no pics of Jaz or Nyx or any0ne else except on the book covers.  None of those representations are quite what I was looking for.

Several years ago I played with an online source called Heromachine.  Well, as it turns out, that was merely the first incarnation of the device that I have discovered is VERY useful for my purposes.  Feel free to head on over to and check out the V3 of the program.  V.2.5 is a lot easier, but 3.0 is more rewarding.


Jaz usually does her swimming in hard to reach places, where she’s not likely to be bothered by voyeurs or paparazzi  Someone’s about to have a bad day.


Nyx and Jaz descending from the darkening sky.


Morrigan, looking unusually demure and wielding a pretty scary looking spell.


One of the Cen Hybrid soldiers, an early defector during the war.


A closeup of Nyx.


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