Some 25,000 years ago, the Cen released a bioweapon on a civilization some may know as Atlantea.  The death toll was devastating.  Some 99 percent of the planet’s human population was wiped out virtually overnight.  The 1 percent who survived, however, were forever changed.

An immortal is who they down their very DNA.  If one cell survives destruction, an immortal can regenerate from that little bit.  Generally the way they accomplish this is particular to each immortal, but it’s something of which one might want to be aware.

The only thing known that can kill an immortal is the dreaded living crystal weapons.  But for a few notable exceptions, a death-stroke delivered with one of these artifacts disrupts the cell memory and can inhibit or even deny growth.  Immortals have been killed this way.

Fleeing the destruction of Atlantea, some 200 immortals arrived on what we know as Earth Prime.  We sometimes like to think of it as one step sideways from OUR Earth.  They split up almost immediately, the stress of losing their world and so many loved ones added to that of many manifesting preternatural abilities on top of it.  A lot of immortals just wanted to be alone.

A few took off together, however, and began dealing with the humans from their adopted world.  It became comfortable for some to be seen as gods.  Why not?  Compared to these creatures they were gods.  Advised against it by the gateship Captain, the one who’d brought them here, these little godlings donned the aspect of deities and invented pantheons around themselves.  Powers they had were attributed to the gods they became, and thus mankind was turned away from pure nature worship into something else.

Grand civilizations were born in the centuries immediately following the crash.  Their gods walked among them, and the miracles performed were beyond counting.  They discovered that belief conveyed a kind of energy, and when one had accumulated enough believers, the immortal began to develop ‘god’ powers.  It generally involved the spontaneous invocation of mundane items, simple transmutation, that sort of thing.  Control over the natural world was not uncommon, including the four elements (or five, depending on who you ask).

Among the most powerful immortals in those old days were Zeus, Hermes, Thanatos, Athena, Artemis, Hades, Hecate, Lilith, Thor, Odin, Sif, Morrigan, Lugh, , and Ares, as well as Isis, Osiris, and Thoth.  Other gods were wiped from the face of the Earth in the First Wars.  Wars so devastating and brutal that the surviving gods wiped any evidence they had ever happened out of existence.  As far as anyone could tell, civilization started somewhere between 8 and 10,000 years ago.  And that’s how the immortals like it.

Over the centuries others have fallen away, been lost somewhere in the web of worlds.  Whole civilizations were born and died before recorded history began.  Some left, many died in the war.  And if anyone knows with, they’re not telling.

And the memories of those beings were where the legends of the various gods came from.  And not even mankind remembers.

Loki missed it when the Cen seeded Earth with the magic stealing virus.  He’d long since lost all his equipment and had been waiting for science to catch up.  The war had caused a great deal of trouble and they’d had to tolerate eons of barbarism between the fall of the old and the rise of the new.

He’d expected it much earlier, having feared from the beginning that the Cen had somehow followed them, and had grown lax.  Tens of thousands of years in between… he thought maybe they’d followed some other probability line and were harassing someone else’s Earth.

Until the magic all went away.  The Ghost Dance was about magic’s last gasp, and it failed.  The viruses carried by the settlers had wiped out whole populations, but they had also done their secret work… stolen magic from damn near the last people in the world who still carried it.

A few mage lines existed, but they stayed way underground, treating with other worlds and some of Faerie, but even most of those lines had died out by the time the 21st Century had rolled around.

Loki planned to fix that.  He’d actually been trying to recreate whatever had happened to them to save his future bride, Renee had been dying of a blood disorder.  He’d been working on a formula.  The two things met and did something… unexpected.

One last thing about immortals that might be of particular use is this:  There is a great deal of variation in the powers of immortals.  Some few retain a little god power, and others are simply powerful to begin with.  Powers rarely repeat, though they may overlap.  Different immortals may use similar powers differently, as is found with vampires.  Not all immortals have powers, however.  Some are little more than super-enhanced parahumans with ultimate regeneration.  Others can be quite spectacular.

An immortals power is generally considered to be superior to all other powers.

Similar powers may override each other in this order.

God Powers

Immortal/Draconic Powers

Vampiric Powers

Symsuit Powers


Thus a symsuit with power over fire would lose in a battle of control with a vampire or immortal with similar abilities.  This doesn’t mean, however, that they would lose.  Powers are only one aspect of any entity’s arsenal.


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