First book of Infinity: Earth.  Knowing that the ancient enemy was nearly upon them, the immortal Loki creates a series of nanoviruses to give humanity a chance against the onrushing horde.  In one fell swoop, changing the course of human history.

Of Man and Monster_web

Young Cory finds himself drawn into a war between powers he couldn’t have imagined, even as his mother races to find out what kind of evil had infiltrated her small western town.


Tacoma, WA, has become the center of preternatural and metahuman activities on the west coast.  Like San Francisco in the sixties, Tacoma becomes a new counterculture mecca.  Except instead of hippies and peaceniks, it’s monsters and superheroes.


Jasmine Tashae is all grown up now, showing the world exactly what it means to have a mage of her power on the loose.  More than one immortal has Jaz on their wanted list.  In the end it’s probably just a matter of who catches whom first.


First official book of the Infinity: Prime series.  Newly minuted TAU Agent Valarie Winn might not be ready for solo work.  Too bad.  Here she is, on some backwater Earth with the world’s most aggravating vampire, chasing after the source of weapons no one really wants to find.


When Morrigan and her team are sent back in time on an alternate Earth at the behest of the most powerful immortal of them all to avert a war between humans and superhumans, no one thought it was a good idea.  Least of all, Morrigan.  Shows how circumstances can make a hero out of anyone.


Where does a lonely freak go to find a good time in 23rd Century San Francisco?  The Magitech Lounge, of course.  Filled with characters and stories the likes of which you’ve never encountered.  Oh, what are you waiting for?

Nyx and Jaz cover 01

The story of the creation of the most kickass partnership in the Infinity universe.


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