About Infinity

So.  You might be now asking yourself “what the hell is the Infinity Project?”  No, it’s not a band.  No, it’s not a church.  It’s not that kind of bible.

Infinity started out as a table-top role-playing game something like 30 years ago.  Just a few scraps of paper that grew into reams of information about the game, as well as hours upon hours playtesting it.  But one thing about a project like that; there’s always something more than needs fixed.  Someday I’m hoping to have the chance to market the RPG too.  But, until then, this site is for fans, would-be fans, and those who have expressed interest in doing anthology projects in my universe.

I’m seriously considering doing anthologies with the active involvement of fans and fanfic writers.  Yeah, that’s right.  I want to see the fanfic.  I want to know what happened in Australia when Loki’s Sin hit.  Same with Britain, Japan, Indonesia, and Iran.  What would happen if suddenly people with powers began appearing among you?

So this is the Infinity Project.  It’s mine.  But I’m more than happy to share.

All sorts of fun stuff, if you’re inclined to geek out on something no one else has discovered yet.  Welcome to the page.



One thought on “About Infinity

  1. So glad that you are doing this. everything now makes more sense and adds a more complete awareness of what is happening in the books. Thank you!

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